I’ve been making things since I could hold a pair of scissors. For me, producing art is an essential part of my life and I can’t imagine not doing it. My art practice evolved during my completion of a Bachelor of Arts at Newcastle University and then a Master of Letters from the University of New England.

Many things interest me as an artist from the aesthetics of colour, unusual forms and textures to the issue of making a comment through my work. I like to produce works that can be humourous and fun but I also want to make a statement about issues such as the effect of humankind on nature.

Major influences of my work include the reuse of materials that have already had a life. While it is exciting to produce an artwork from new materials, sometimes a reused material can give an artwork an extra dimension.

My head is crammed full of ideas and interpretations and I usually take months to develop some ideas. I use a sketch book to draw as well as write ideas and developments. Often I need to actually make something to resolve an idea. Sometimes it works on paper or in your head but not in the third dimension.

Also check out my other websites;

Peccadillo clothing and accessories  www.peccadillo.com.au

Artisan Sourcebook  www.artisansourcebook.com.au


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